The Mobicents team is happy to announce a new release of the mobicents-all bundle, that includes an updated version of most of mobicents components. The last release, mobicents-all-1.2.0.GA, was made in February, so it was about time to update it.

There aren't many new and exciting features, these are still being developed and can be tried out in the latest beta releases of the different projects. Still, there are new diameter RAs (CCA, Rf, Ro, Sh-server) and the popular diameter-OpenIMS example is also included. The updated versions include several bug fixes and some performance improvements as well. Documentation is included and is more extent than in the previous version.

The main product versions are the following:
  • Mobicents JAIN-SLEE 1.2.6.GA
  • Mobicents SIP Servlets 1.0
  • Mobicents SIP Presence Service 1.0.0.BETA5
  • Mobicents Media Server 1.0.3.GA
  • Mobicents Diameter v1.0.1.GA
  • Mobicents SIP Load Balancer 1.0.BETA7

So go ahead, download the binary form SourceForge and read the release notes. We are waiting for your feedback on mobicents-public google group.

Have fun,

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