Once every year, the mobicents team gets together to discuss the state of the mobicents nation, and in the time between, to party around. Since the previous location doesn't bring us the best memories, this year we chosed Brno in Czech Republic to be our meeting point. The decision was a little bit influenced by Pavel, with promises of great team building activities.

Unfortunately the Portuguese members of the team had trouble to get there, and missed the first day (and the first night). Once we got there we tried to compensate the time lost. Each day after the meetings all the fun begun. On Tuesday there was this football mach Portugal & Poland vs. Rest of the World where the Rest of the World team lost in the last minute with a goal scored with the hand (sorry guys). On Wednesday we went for a kart race that everybody enjoyed, not only because of the speed but also because of the crashes. We also had great dinners every day (I really appreciated the Czech cuisine) and after that we would go out in Brno's night. Surprisingly, no one got late for the meetings on the next day.

Regarding the work, we covered what we achieved last year, and the list is pretty amazing:
  • Jain-SLEE is certified 2.0
  • Sip-Servlets has reached GA
  • Media server 1.0 has reached GA, 2.0 is under way.
  • Diameter has also become GA and increased the number of supported applications
  • We also did great progresses on Documentation and Produtization
The road maps we discussed for the projects are also very ambitious:
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability for both Jain-SLEE and Sip-Servlets
  • Video and SS7 support on media server
  • Management (cross-platform)
  • IMS components on top of Jain-SLEE (HSS, X-CSCF)
  • Improve the Jain-SIP stack
For my task inside the project, Quality Assurance, the main achievements were the releases of Mobicents-all 1.2.0 and 2 releases of JBoss Communication Platform during the last year, as well as a bunch of other GA releases for the individual projects. We also agreed on a new process to have more Mobicents-all releases with less effort. In the last month we we granted 2 new dedicated servers on QA lab that will ease the load testing of our projects. On the hudson front, the coverage now is more extent and we agreed that the developers will keep an eye on the warnings gave by the findbugs jobs.

For the near future we plan to cover the FT/HA features on the lab, first with a simple setup, and hopefully evolving to a more realistic one. We also plan to increase our coverage of media tests, as well as the coverage on protocols other than SIP. Interrupting these tasks will be a never ending stream of releases for the different projects and each one needs to get trough a final review, making sure that is not broken.

We are all looking for the next year meeting already. If you know some place where we could have lots of fun, please leave a note and we will consider it. Pictures of the good times we had this year can be found on http://picasaweb.google.pt/lbbbarreiro/MobicentsMeetingBrno.

The usual suspects: Jean, Ivelin, Amit, Luis, Bartosz, Vladimir, Alexandre, Eduardo
Our good host Pavel couldn't attend to this dinner.

Have fun,

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